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Pairing the word dible?with rinter?somehow just does not seem to work.http://www.rabattlouisvuitton.com/ , The concept of something coming out of a printer that is edible just seems to defy common logic.http://www.uggbotasventa.com/ , But, as it turns out, printing on edible surfaces is quite feasible and rather fun after you get past the common misconception. Creativity is the only thing holding you back in this field as the often sweet ideas flow from your ink cartridge or pen stylus.

Let them eat cake

Oddly enough, the concept of edible printer ink has only been around, where the computer printer is concerned, since 2003. But since then it has found a nice profitable niche to call home. The cake decorating business is using edible printer ink extensively and finding great successes. Wafer paper designs put images and designs onto a cake in perfect order and top off a party with flair. Other food ideas can also take advantage of printer designs and offer a different approach to food presentation.

The power of the pen

Edible printer ink can also be found coming from stylus type pens. Detail is the word here as they can be used for edible gift cards good enough to eat. Colors are varied although flavors aren quite there yet.

Water soluble ideas

Since most, but not all, edible printer inks are water soluble they can be used to write quick notes to be wiped or licked away later. The young artist may be a good home fror edible ink pens if an accessible wall proves to great a temptation to write on.

Great body art

For the most part, the edible tattoo is for the younger set. But, with a sheet of edible wafer paper and edible printer ink they can be fun for everybody. An edible printer ink set-up will allow you to design the most outrageous or simple tattoos for all of your friends. If they turn out to be far too outrageous just lick and theye gone.

Only the imagination

With access to an edible pen or edible printer and ink the uses are just about endless. The larger bakeries are doing a brisk business while you can express yourself and watch it disappear into somebody mouth. Just consider a few of these other ideas for edible ink: dinner plate art, placemats, gift bags, glasses or pan liners. The only thing holding you back is your imagination and the right set of inks and cartridges.

Starter-kits available

If you would care to disassemble and clean your own printer to accept edible ink cartridges feel free. But, for a reasonable price, Canon offers the Canon IP 3500 Edible starter kit. With this, or others of its type, you can get right to the process of having your cake and eating it too.

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